Research Ethics



The MMMC-RERC is an independent body created by the MMMC under the President of the Hospital , whose responsibility is to ensure the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of human subjects involved in health related research and to provide public assurance of that protection. In accordance with applicable national / international regulations, the MMMC-RERC has the authority to approve, require modifications to, or disapprove research protocols and related documents as well as to ensure compliance with its relevant procedures after approval.


The MMMC-RERC review and monitor health researches that involve:


  • Nephrology/Dialysis Center
  • Hematology
  • Oncology/Chemotherapy & Blood Transfusion Unit
  • Rheumatology
  • Endocrinology/ Diabetes Clinic




Mary Mediatrix Medical Center- Research Ethics Review Committee formerly Institutional Review Board/ Research Ethics Committee was established on 2007. Dr. Robert Magsino, the President and CEO (former Medical Director) of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (MMMC), appointed Dr. Narcisa Sonia Comia to be the Chair of the Research Ethics Committee. Having no experience at all in Research Ethics, she was assisted by Dr. Tito Atienza, a seasoned investigator at Veterans Memorial Medical Center.


Mr. JherristGorayeb, head of the marketing department of MMMC that time, but a nurse by profession was the first recruited member. Since there should be at least five (5) members, Dr. Narcisa Sonia Comia invited a male pediatrician, a female cardiologist, a retired engineer and a former member of the Good Samaritan to complete the team. The ethics committee was then called MMMC Institutional Review Board (IRB). There was no office, no secretariat and definitely no Standard Operating Procedure to guide them. To aid the need for secretariat staff as well as the office, Ms. Sheryl Paradero, the secretariat staff of the Department of Medicine, was requested to also serve as the secretariat of the IRB. During that time, IRB shared an office and equipment with the Department of Medicine.


During its first year of existence, one protocol was received and approved. In the next few years, more pharmaceutical-sponsored research protocols were submitted and approved by MMMC-IRB. The members increased to seven (7).


One time, as informed by Dr. Tito Atienza, Japanese auditors came to do a site visit at Mary Mediatrix to check how MMMC-IRB functions, where and how files are being kept and how many members MMMC-IRB have. In preparation for their visit, an office was thus given to IRB equipped with a desktop computer and cabinets with locks and keys.


Later on, more and more protocols were submitted. By 2011, MMMC-IRB already had a Chairman, a Co-chair, a Member-Secretary, four members and a full-time secretariat. For the creation of the SOP, an SOP workshop was attended by the Chair, Co-Chair and Member Secretary. By the last quarter of 2012, the first version of SOP was approved by the former Medical Director, Dr. Robert Magsino. Another SOP workshop was attended in March 2014 and towards the end of August 2014, SOP version 2 was submitted to the Medical Director for approval.


Since the formation of the MMMC-IRB, it has approved more than sixty (60) industry-sponsored clinical trials and to date we still have 33 ongoing trials.


The name MMMC-IRB has been replaced by MMMC Research Ethics Review Committee (RERC). Currently, RERC is composed of nine (9) members.




Research Ethics Review Committee


Address: Mary Mediatrix Medical Center JP Laurel Highway, Lipa City, 4217, Batangas

Phone: (043) 773-6800 local 1194