This guide is provided to help familiarize yourself with our procedures so that we can better serve your needs in a time of crisis. Over time, our procedures might change to better serve you. Please note that changes can take place without prior notification.Kindly check back often to keep yourself informed and update of our latest procedures.



All emergency or non-emergency admissions must be coordinated to the Admitting Office located at the main lobby.


Emergency Admission: Our admitting staff will approach the patient or a companion to facilitate the admission to the room.


Non-Emergency Admission: The patient will secure an admitting order or referral letter from the attending physician during his appointment. Please reserve a room through the Admitting Office prior to the scheduled admission date.


  • Fill out the Patient Data Form
  • Sign the Consent For Admission Form
  • Advise the admitting staff if the patient will use HMO, health insurance, or corporate credit line
  • Present Senior Citizen’s ID for elderly patients
  • Secure Philhealth Claim Form 1 and Form 2 from admitting staff if the patient is a Philhealth member


Non-Emergency Admission
  • Paid at least three (3) consecutive monthly contributions within the last six (6) month prior to confinement
  • Hospitalization of 24 hours or more due to an illness or an injury
  • Hospitalization of less than 24 hours is accepted by Philhealth for emergency cases, or death during confinement [If the patient expired and resuscitative measures were done
  • A member is entitled to a maximum of 45 days confinement per calendar year and another 45 days to be shared by dependents.
  • Secure Philhealth Claim Form 1 and Form 2 from admitting staff if the patient is a Philhealth member


  • PhilHealth Claim Form 1 signed by patient and employer download_button
  • PhilHealth Claim Form 2 signed by attending physician download_button


Attachment(s) for Form 1:

Copy of Birth Certificate of member



Member Data Record (MDR) appearing the name of dependent patient


Member Not Available:

A representative can sign the Form 1 when member is out of town, abroad, incapacitated, or for a valid reason. He/She, however, must provide the corresponding document/s that will serve as a proof to establish their relationship.


  • Spouse
  • Children 18 years old and above Parents
  • Guardian of member’s children below 18 years old
  • Next of kin
  • Letter stating the reason for signing in behalf of the member
  • Valid ID of authorized signatory
  • Power of Attorney for guardians and next of kin


Securing Member Data Record (MDR):

Member Data Record (MDR) can be secured and updated at any PhilHealth Office


Special Requirements
  • Submit a photocopy of old billing to Philhealth section if last confinement with Mediatrix or another hospital falls on the same year
  • Submit a copy of Letter of Authorization (LOA) if patient seeks to reimburse from HMO, Insurance, or company



Private Room


Semi Private


VIP Room