Dental Clinic

Smiling your way to healthy teeth and gums. Dental Clinic housed inside the Industrial Corporate Center which serves the needs of the growing market of professional and skilled workers in the region.


Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Pathology which constitutes the Division of Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Pathology) and the Division of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology has become modern, efficient and responsive. The growth and development of its services is best illustrated by the acquisition of the state of the art equipment and the tremendous increase in the number of tests performed per month from 2000 to present.


Clinical Pharmacy

MMMC is the first hospital in the Southern Tagalog region that there are Clinical Pharmacist with direct patient care.



“Smile and the whole world smiles with you” is the surest way to prepare oneself to start a productive day. Smiling is proven to be good for the body as its lowers blood pressure and releases stress. It also makes one attractive and younger. We realize that there are a whole lot reasons to always smile and flash those pearly whites. However, not all have the confidence to share this to family and friends.

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